RUDmatic Star Track

RUDmatic Star Track

Comfort hoop chain with additional traction

  • Body-to-tyre clearance 14 mm
  • Comfort hoop chain for quick fitting and removal
  • Optimal traction on ice and snow, due to the track pattern mesh with link-ring configuration
  • Extremely good grip and very smooth ride
  • High mileage due to the use of chrome-manganese alloy steel

RUD matic hoop fitting The spring-steel, inner hoop makes fitting easy, even when space is limited: Matic fitting - no need to reach into the wheel housing.

Ease of fitting and removal  
Suitability for front-wheel
Suitability for rear-wheel drives
Suitability on snow  
Suitability on ice
Smooth running (comfortable
Body-to-tyre clearance in the
wheel housing (inside)
Rim protection  

Product Downloads: 
PDF icon RUDmatic Star Track Fitting Instructions

RUDmatic Star Track Fitting Video