RUDcompact GRIP V

RUDcompact GRIP V

Practical and robust

  • Body-to-tyre clearance 16 mm
  • Ideal for both front and rear-wheel drive
  • 4.5 mm square-shaped chain links

Compact Seilmontage Cable system fitting

RUDcompact cable fitting

Practical for front-wheel drives: Compact fitting. Just connect. Easy to tighten.

Ease of fitting and removal  
Suitability for front-wheel
Suitability for rear-wheel drives    
Suitability on snow  
Suitability on ice  
Smooth running (comfortable
Body-to-tyre clearance in the
wheel housing (inside)
Rim protection    
Quantity delivered per box/pair 1

Product Downloads: 
PDF icon RUDcompact GRIP V Instructions

RUDcompact GRIP V Fitting Video